Website Visibility is Paramount

Websites can be expensive. The cost of design, domain ownership, and management add up. Once you’ve gone through the process, there is no greater feeling of despair than seeing a perfectly executed masterpiece falter in the search results and not get the traffic it deserves.

Website visibility is the key to earning a return on your investment. When a consumer searches for exactly what you offer, your website should be the first thing they see. Well, a beautiful site is the key to converting prospective users into customers, without traffic, that can’t happen.

Google spends a vast amount of resources on ranking websites for its users. When your site is properly optimized and delivers what’s users need, you’ll earn the rankings needed to get that valuable visibility.

Jester Digital is a Perth SEO expert that can get your site in front of the consumers that need your business. We utilize years of experience and knowledge to help skyrocket your rankings and earnings. Our goal is to prove we are the best freelance SEO in Perth by getting you the return your website deserves.

The Stages of the Search

As a Perth SEO expert, we understand the intricacies of optimizing your site to accomplish the task at hand: conversion. Consumers turn to Google and other search engines to answer questions, shop for their favorite products, and find the services they need.

Our SEO optimization narrows the group of targeted consumers to those who want exactly what you have to offer. This ensures you get top returns on your marketing budget rather than wasting time and money on random viewers.

While getting consumers to your site and moving up the Google ranks are important pieces to the puzzle, there are other steps to consider. The road to conversions does not end at site views.

Finding Your Site

You need to be where your customers are, and they are utilizing the search engines to help make their lives easier. Your site should be on the first page of a Google search or else it simply will not be found.

Site Effectiveness

Not only can we help your site be found, but we can also help you convert those users into paying customers. The goal of your site should be to encourage customers to reach out or purchase products immediately. If you draw consumers to an ineffective website, your marketing budget will go to waste.

Taking a Different Path

There are larger, more popular SEO companies in Perth. So why choose Jester Digital? As a freelance SEO expert in Perth, we offer a more intimate relationship and a passion for our clients. If you want your business to be the focus, rather than “just another account,” then we are the team for you.

On-Page Copywriting

Convincing Google that your website is vital to the consumer relies on a solid combination of technical optimization, and great content. Google’s algorithms have advanced, and having quality content across your site is more important than ever.

Strong copywriting could make the difference in your rankings, and earnings. With high-quality content that is consistently revised for optimization, your website will make its way in front of others with keyword stuffed nonsense.

Understanding the Needs of Google

Google takes its search engine algorithm seriously. It is developed and updated regularly to ensure consumers are receiving valuable, trustworthy information.

One of the benefits of using a freelance SEO expert is the attention we pay to who is linking to your website. Many large SEO companies in Perth will focus solely on the volume of links to your site. Our focus is always on quality and helping your website earn strong, relevant backlinks.

Taking the time to develop a long-term strategy, including high-quality backlinks, can give you confidence that Google will not penalize you for manipulating its algorithm. Our strategies stand the test of time and produce durable results.

Driving the Traffic Home

As the premier Perth SEO Expert, Jester Digital will use proven techniques to drive meaningful traffic to your site. Reach out to us today, and we can develop a strategy together that gets you the return on your marketing investment you have been searching for!