SEO Freelancer in Perth

Whatever the nature of your business, you can’t escape the importance of a website these days.

Whether you’re a local brick-and-mortar business looking for lead generation or a completely online enterprise, sadly it’s not enough simply to have a website. You need a website people can find.

How, then, can you make that happen?

Three simple letters go a long way towards helping you achieve this: SEO.

Think of your website as a town on a blank map and search engine optimisation (SEO) as the road signs leading people to that town.

You might have already started searching for an SEO consultant or a more generalist digital marketing provider and received conflicting advice. This is normal. SEO is constantly evolving, and not every SEO in Perth will be up to speed on best practice. It’s easy to get taken for a ride.

Luckily, this is where Jester Digital comes in as an SEO who stays fully locked into what’s working in 2019 not what was a smart move five years back.

Why Should You Use an SEO Freelancer?

With so many SEO companies in Perth, you might be wondering why you should engage the services of a freelancer.

We can give you 5 good reasons why you won’t regret pulling that wildcard from the pack and engaging with Jester.

  • Personal Touch: SEO in Perth is a cut-throat business, and many bigger companies might treat you like an afterthought unless you’re one of their more prestigious accounts. With Jester, no job is too small, and you’ll get a personal touch along with our full commitment to making your site the best it can be
  • Dedicated SEO Expert With Passion: As an SEO freelancer, this is our passion, not just a paycheque. Staying abreast of all developments in the field is something we do for enjoyment not just work. You can reap the benefits of a bigger firm with the added bonus of passion that comes through in all we do
  • Total Transparency: We won’t blind you with unexplained terms or talk about our secret sauce. We’ll explain in plain English what we need to do to get eyeballs on your website. There’s no smoke and mirrors here at Jester Digital, and you’ll get total transparency every step of the way
  • A Full SEO Package: Just because we’re a smaller SEO freelancer, don’t think you won’t get the complete package. From rock-solid content and copy catering for both the reader and Google to a long-term strategy on-page and off-page, we’ll help you build your site out the right way so you get lasting results
  • Affordability and Increased Conversions: With lower overheads, we can extend you a remarkably affordable service without compromising quality. The advantage is that the proven effectiveness of our SEO strategies means not just saving money upfront but also increasing conversions

If you’re in any element of doubt about hiring an SEO freelancer, think about the considerable benefits of working closely with a smaller outfit that offers a personal touch along with heavyweight performance.

Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk about how we can help your site get more traffic and help you boost your conversions.