Advertising can be an expensive game if you don’t manage your spend wisely.

The problem is, once you start venturing into promoting your business with paid ads, you’re generally out of your comfort zone. After all, unless you’re a PPC consultant, why should you know about Google AdWords or any other aspect of hunting down paid traffic for your site?

Fortunately, as a PPC freelancer, Jester Digital comes in to plug that knowledge gap and to help you manage your AdWords account. We’ll help you get more traffic, superior engagement, and ultimately more sales.

If you’ve been researching PPC in Perth, maybe you’ve found it intimidating or overwhelming. Why, then, should you place your trust in a PPC freelancer rather than opting for a larger company?

Jester Digital: The Personal Touch with Professional Performance

A paid ads provider doesn’t need to come in the form of a sprawling, bloated company.

As a PPC freelancer, we’re large enough to bring deep expertise to the table but intimate enough to ensure we establish a personal connection.

We’re not just here to make you feel comfortable, though. After all, you’re not looking for PPC in Perth for any other reason than getting a return on your investment. And it’s that personal touch that allows us to roll out the most effective paid ad campaigns tailored to your business.

If you’ve spoken with any other companies specialising in PPC, perhaps you’ve been driven towards thinking that click-through-rates are the key metric. Well, here at Jester Digital, we view things differently. Just as an email open rate is not the best indicator of how many people will actually buy your product, website traffic alone won’t pay the bills.

We focus instead on maximising transactions from that traffic, which is all you should be focused when it comes to making more sales.

You’ll also know exactly where you stand since we offer a complete AdWords management service for a flat monthly fee. We’ll set up your campaign, launch it then keep it optimised every step of the way. This allows you to get the best results while guaranteeing you stay on budget.

You could be thinking that PPC is something you might be able to take on yourself. And that might be true. Ask yourself two questions, though…

  • How much is your time worth and would undertaking a project like this give you the best ROI?
  • Are you confident in your ability to execute a slick, customised PPC campaign that drives more conversions not only random clicks?

Unless you’re convinced you could get the job done well, trying to save money could end up being a very expensive and fruitless mistake.

What To Do Next

If you want to see in more detail what we’ll do to help you with AdWords management and PPC in Perth, check out what we do right here.

If you want any further information, feel free to get in touch. We’ll be delighted to chat about how we can help you drive your business even further forwards in 2019 and beyond.